Here at Tulsa Style we love what we do for a living. We cut hair, style hair, color hair, slice foils, weave foils, put color around foils, do body perms, curly perms, Brazilian Blowouts... you name it, we do it. Our salon was established in Tulsa 16 years ago, and we are proud to be a Tulsa hair salon. As beauty salons in the past, we offer services for young and old, men and women.

Our Barber is accomplished at all clipper cutting with extra services of men's color and rest facials. She also specializes in women's short haircuts and razor cutting.

Our Nail Technician / Stylist offers a wide range of services from manicures, pedicures, and Gel Shellac. Christy is prompt and pays special attention to disinfecting her utensils.

We are now offering massage at our salon. Lou Brewer is our newest addition and offers a full range of hair services along with waxing and relaxation massage. She has specials for new customers, and offers half-hour and full-hour massage. Her sinus and facial massage is a must for those suffering with allergies. She also waxes eyebrows, lips and underarms.

Toni is our Brazilian Blowout specialist. She has been trained for this amazing service that gives the client smooth, frizz-free hair in about 90 minutes. This process will last for about 12 weeks. There is no down time. The minute you leave the salon you can wash and dry you hair, workout, swim, etc. The service is $100. The Brazilian Blowout Acai aftercare products are available at our salon and will insure long-lasting results.

We invite you to stop by and meet us. We love making the world a more beautiful place one person at a time!

The Stylists at Tulsa Style